The Tree Stand Buddy® was designed to provide for a much safer installation of a tree stand. The hoisting feature allows you to climb your tree without having to worry about carrying your tree stand with you. Enjoy a much safer hunting experience since the bracket system provides greater safety and stability — No More Wobble.   Tree Stand Buddy® also offers a wide variety of other benefits as well:

  • Safeguard and deterrent against theft and vandalism – No more stolen tree stands or worries about animal activists, anti-hunters, or delinquents;
  • Saves your tree stand from weathering – no more worrying about rust or straps drying out – just like parking your car in your garage!
  • Since you can take your stand home with you every time, you can inspect your stand and all of its components every time you hunt  – Make sure all bolts and straps are securely fastened and free of rust, corrosion or fraying – Add years onto the life of your tree stand;
  • Easy set up and take down provides for longer hunting time – be at your location and hunting within minutes – NO MORE CLUMSY SETUPS OR PREPARATION;
  • Quieter set up also eliminates squeaking and rattling – No more scaring game out of your location;
  • Designed for multiple tree stand setups with only one tree stand – Change hunting locations within minutes;
  • Universal bracket system  — attaches to most hang on tree stands;
  • Added comfort – designed to provide extra space between the tree and your stand – Use a cushion and lean back in comfort;
  • Since your tree stand will not be stolen or left out in the weather, you can invest in and upgrade to a higher end tree stand and hunt in comfort;
  • Allows you to use trees as small as 6-inches in diameter, which greatly expands the availability and locations to install your tree stand;
  • Transform your “portable” tree stand into as many stands as you want by installing as many brackets as desired – allows you to hunt from locations you never could before;
  • Fast and Easy installation translates into SAVING TIME – don’t worry about carrying all your tree stands into the woods for your pre-hunt set up, only as many tree brackets as you want;
  • Reduced maintenance and longer lasting, more durable tree stands will translate into huge financial savings and MONEY SAVED;
  • Sell off your excess supply of tree stands and save on storage space;
  • Also great for film and camera crews – allows faster reaction time and the ability to change courses without missing a beat;
  • Be closer to the action and increase your chances to tag a trophy with the best concealed “hang on” location possible – without the danger and inconvenience;
  • Guaranteed to revolutionize the tree stand industry.

The National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) saw the Tree Stand Buddy® at the 2010 ATA Trade Show and liked it so much that they are looking to incorporate it into their training seminars and their safety videos that are included with each tree stand purchase.

Tree Stand Buddy® was recently tested by Scientific Testing Laboratories, the same company that performs all TMA testing and rating of tree stands. Our bracket system withstood 935 pounds of weight force without any movement to the brackets before the tree stand that it was attached to failed.

As you can see, the benefits of the Tree Stand Buddy® are endless. Tree Stand Buddy® provides Affordability, Safety, Comfort, and Saves Time AND Money to boot. What more can you ask for? We want to bring the general public one of the best new products in years so that hunting can be a safer, more enjoyable experience for all.

Tree Stand Buddy® – “Coming to a tree near you!”

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